About us!


A student society, created in 2017, and willing to ensure a better future for the coming generations.


We share a common vision and strong values. Our goal is to enhance and foster sustainable development within our campus.


We are challenging the status quo. Engage with us to become a pioneer!

  • Creation of The New Locals

    September 2017

    As soon as we finished going to the Lyon city-hall to certify our Articles of Association we started thinking about our missions for semester 1: Improve waste management, raise awarness and bring students together. The association is composed of 2 active members.

  • Paper recycling - Test phase

    October 2017

    We were willing, through this test program, to slowly implment a paper recycling plan for our entire university (2 campus - 50000 square meters). We decided to call on a lyon-based company named La Cocotte à Papiers. Dealing and improving with Waste Management systems in our school is one of the missions we decided to pursue during the first part of the year. We worked closely with the Facility Management department and UCLy admnistration to produce a plan and get a green light for a three month test phase, couple days later, 4 floors and 50 offices are equiped with a collect-segregation system.

  • IMPACT - The conference

    November 2017

    After an intense 2 week promotion campaign, 150 students, couple teachers and 1 town-hall representative are gathered in UCLy waiting for our introduction speech. Then we gave the floor to 4 speakers which discussed topics ranging from CSR to sustainable development and it's goals.

  • HTR x The New Locals - Strategic partnership

    November 2017

    In order to promote sustainability and raise awarness among students, we got in contact with the ESDES Student Counsil HTR Hit The Road. Such partnership enabled us to gain visibility but also to adress issues, for instance, we helped them to carry out a recycling plan during their campagne week.

  • New members

    December 2017

    The association was proud to announce that each faculty (Science, Law, ESDES, ESTRI) had a member or more in the team. 20+ students from different backgrounds compose The New Locals.

  • Green Watts contest - Energy and Renewables

    December 2017

    Thanks to Origo and a contest they launched, UCLy, from December first 2017 to 30 January 2018, consumed 100% energy produced through renewable means. Origo and UCLy supports transition to green energies and the production of renewables in France.

  • La Cocotte à Papiers - Reporting

    December 2017

    We produced an activity report for the Head of the Facility Management department explaining how operations were executed and options for 2018. Also, students and teachers were happy to get feedback from this initiative. The result is that almost half a ton of paper has been collected and recycled. This brings light to the fact that UCLy, as a university, consumes drastic amounts of paper. Pretty normal for a school but we underlined the fact that recycling generated not only energy savings but also raw materials savings because paper can be recycled up to 80%.

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